Your own AI supercomputer—in the cloud.


Large language models (LLMs) and generative AI require an AI supercomputer, but
many enterprises struggle with the complexity, effort, and time required to deploy
and operate infrastructure. These businesses need immediate access to high-
performance infrastructure at scale, with enterprise-grade tools and predictable
costs that aren’t easily obtainable with traditional infrastructure solution providers.
NVIDIA DGX Cloud is the world’s first AI supercomputer in the cloud, a multi-node
AI-training-as-a-service solution designed for the unique demands of enterprise AI.
DGX Cloud provides a full-stack AI developer suite, leadership-class infrastructure,
and direct access to AI experts, allowing businesses to get started immediately on
AI innovation, with no-surprise predictable pricing.

The Best of NVIDIA AI

With NVIDIA DGX Cloud, developers have access to the best of NVIDIA AI innovation.
Unlike DIY approaches to AI training, DGX Cloud provides an all-in-one solution with
software for streamlining developer workflows. Powered by NVIDIA Base Command
Platform and featuring a single-pane-of-glass user interface, DGX Cloud delivers a
consistent user experience across cloud and on premises. DGX Cloud also includes
the NVIDIA AI Enterprise suite, which comes with AI solution workflows, optimized
frameworks, and pretrained models to unlock developer productivity.

Your Own AI Supercomputer in the Cloud

DGX Cloud provides enterprises immediate access to an AI supercomputer from a
web browser. With DGX Cloud, teams can access multi-node AI training at scale to
speed complex model development. If businesses choose to expand to on-premises
infrastructure, they can consolidate all of their resources to deliver a hybrid cloud
leveraging Base Command Platform, which provides developers a consistent, single-
pane view.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

With DGX Cloud, you gain access to NVIDIA AI expertise to help maximize performance
and achieve desired results faster. DGX Cloud also offers 24/7 business-critical support,
a dedicated technical account manager, and a customer service success manager.
Unlike DIY approaches, DGX Cloud provides single-point-of-contact support.
Enterprises experience this concierge-like support for the duration of their contract.


Predictable Costs, No Surprises

DGX Cloud delivers financial transparency to enterprises, with a single and predictable
monthly price that includes software, compute, storage, data egress, AI experts, and
enterprise support. Now, businesses can access an AI supercomputer without the
concern of spiraling costs.


Your AI Factory in the Cloud

Enterprises that want to tackle modern AI applications such as LLMs and generative
AI need the right infrastructure solution with the simplicity of cloud. With one price,
DGX Cloud provides enterprises with immediate access to an AI supercomputer in
the cloud, accessible from a web browser, leading-edge software to accelerate AI
development, and access to NVIDIA AI expertise and support.


Key Features
> NVIDIA Base Command Platform > NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite > Hybrid-cloud support
> Multi-node capable > 8 NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs per node (640GB total) > Access to the latest GPU technology > 10TB storage per instance > 10TB egress per month per tenant > The ability to scale up storage and egress bandwidth as needed
> Access to NVIDIA AI experts > 24/7 business-critical support > Technical account manager > Customer service success manager > Single-point-of-contact support

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