Scalable Deep Learning Clusters, Ready to Perform

Universities and research institutes will harness the power of deep learning to conduct the next groundbreaking research. Enterprises and startups alike will use AI to gain the competitive edge, and push the boundaries of innovation. With infrastructure solutions from Exxact, institutions and enterprises can implement state-of-the-art, research ready computation for any budget.

Scale Any AI Initiative

Choose from multiple ready to deploy configurations or customize your own deep learning solution. From a lab to datacenter environment, each solution is built to scale and features validated hardware and software configurations.

Start Training in Minutes, Not Days

Eliminate cluster configuration and complexity with our fully integrated and tested solution with all proper cluster software and drivers pre-installed, optimized, and ready to run.

Maximize Your Budget

Simply put, you can stay within budget without compromising performance. Exxact offers high performance, industry grade benchmarked systems at the best prices.

Cluster Infrastructure Features

Training on video? We’ll build more storage into your system. Training for natural language processing? We can build to maximize GPU memory. Every project is different. Let’s build the one that’s right for you.


Stay in control with node management & provisioning, workload management, hardware inventory & management, and hardware monitoring & metrics.

Spin up instances quickly with secure containers. Manage container redundancy and scaling with orchestration tools.


Provide simple to use parallel access to application data across all projects.

Fast access data storage to help front load application data.

Long term data storage for archival reference.


Customizable, fully turnkey, high density GPU servers.

AI Training Efficiency Built In

Data Analytics

Complete AI Environment


Our Partners

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